Washington Redskins Club Level Party Decks

The Washington Redskins Club Level Party Decks are a unique location on the 300 level of FedEx Field. The FedEx Field seating chart shows the Club Level Party Decks situated above both end zones on the club level and surrounded by club level seats.

Washington Redskins Club Level Party Decks were added to the stadium to generate additional revenue in areas with insufficient room for normal seats. Both the Bud Light Party Deck, above the west end zone near Gates B and C, and the East Club Level Standing Deck, above the east end zone near Gates F and G, offer the same benefits at the same price. Fans who purchase a ticket for any party deck will be forced to stand the entire game. An assigned “standing location” is provided for each ticket holder with a specific location drawn onto the outdoor deck. Party Deck ticket holders are also able to access the indoor, climate-controlled clubs throughout the club level. All fans who hold club level ticket can walk through the Party Deck area, so the entire spot can become quite crowded during popular games.

Before the 2011 season, the Redskins doubled the number of tickets sold for the Club Level Party Decks so that the assigned spaces run two deep across the length of the area. Even numbered rows are in the “front” closer to the field while odd numbered rows are immediately behind. This creates an odd situation where consecutive ticket numbers are not next to each other. Knowledgeable fans will want to verify physical standing location with the team ticket office before finalizing a purchase for this area. The view from the corner end zone spots is a good value given the face value price of tickets. Unfortunately fans standing throughout the middle of the area on either end zone have views obstructed by both the video board and goal posts.

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Redskins Club Level Party Deck tickets are primarily sold directly by the team. Since tickets do not come with a physical seat, most fans will want to find other tickets to at least have the option of sitting during the game. However, for fans who do not mind standing for the entire game, the Club Level Party Deck is the cheapest way to get entry to the club level and accompanying amenities. Tickets for this area are often half the price of club level tickets that come with an actual seat. Given that the standing room ticket almost never sell out, fans should shop directly at the Redskins ticket office before considering football ticketing websites for the best deals.

Washington Redskins Club Level Party Decks

Washington Redskins Club Level Party Decks
View from the Washington Redskins Club Level Party Decks at FedEx Field
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